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Submitted on
June 27, 2009
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I got a phone call
from one of Freddy Hubbard's friends


she told me that Michael Jackson had died
of a heart attack
just hours ago.

I informed her
that the king of pop
had been dead

(to me)
for years.
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the girl i was shooting's boyfriend got a text like, exactly when everyone knew. then the girl i shot aftwardstold me. then my boyfriend's parents. news travels FAST.

this is cute
Not all
Say what you say, but as for the whiteness: my mother's skin is losing pigment in patches. Fortunately, she has fair skin. A tan makes them more visible. I can easily see how a little OCD & outside pressure could make him want to bleach the rest to match.

He was a little cuckoo in the head, though - someone should have stopped the plastic surgeries & reckless spending.

Still, a good poem, made even better in the face of "mourning".
All who live die, even "Kings Of Pop". Jackson could sing and dance up a storm. I admire him for being a "solitary lemming" and finding his own special cliff to run over the edge of. He slept with our children whether we liked it or not and sadly "bought" some from people with stronger financial needs than parenting skills. He was unique in every way known to man (and a couple he invented himself. (There's a lesson in here somewhere for anyone contemplating singing the theme song for a movie about rats). (Ben)
Michael did what he wanted to do (but we're still trying to work out why he wanted to do the things he wanted to do).
Jenealia Jul 6, 2009   Writer
How true.
(Being silly, I was somehow hoping in the back of my mind that he'd come back from the dead. So, I was still a little sad when I heard. But that's just me being silly.)
he faked his death; like Tupac.
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